Company Profile

Bristol City Council is the local authority of Bristol, England. Bristol City Council are responsible for an estimated 678,612 Bristolians, including ourselves! We wanted to give back the community that helped us become who we are by providing such an excellent and safe city to live in.

The Problem

Bristol City Council, unfortunately, had a problem with understanding and utilising Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to its full potential. The council had an excellent marketing team and were communicating via their marketing channels in a really positive way, but there was nothing in place to measure the effectiveness of these channels.

The Solution

Thanks to our team of world-renowned experts, we were able to deliver several Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager training sessions at the desired location of the Bristol City Council. The training sessions were tailored to the council's needs and training materials were provided before, during and after to ensure a full understanding of the material was met.

The Results

New team prepared for
Google Analytics problems

New team able to superbly
implement Google Tag Manager

Now the Bristol City Council have been taught the intricacies of Google Analytics, they can start to accurately measure the effectiveness of their marketing channels. Their marketing team will now benefit massively from the skills they have learned.

What our Client Says

"Phil is clearly an expert in his field and his knowledge was obviously second-to-none. It was helpful to look at GTM with an expert."...
..."The Google data studio training greatly improved our business performance reporting." - Sofia Alvadia, Online Marketing Manager.

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