Post-GA3 Survival: How Teams Can Build a Data-Driven Culture with GA4

Join Us for the Webinar 4th of April 2023 17:30 GMT

Join us for an informative and practical session on building a data-driven culture with GA4, designed to help teams navigate the post-GA3 landscape. Learn how to achieve actionable insights, improve decision-making, and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly-evolving world of web analytics.

Post-GA3 Survival: How Teams Can Build a Data-Driven Culture with GA4
Speaker bio:

Agata Adamiak is a Google Analytics consultant who empowers marketing and product teams to use web analytics data effectively.

Through her web analytics consultancy, Business Ahead, she regularly partners with established businesses to uncover insights for migrating more of their offline sales & support to their website.

Her approach, developed after working with companies such as Brother, Assurant, and the Post Office, is based on improving reporting, establishing governance, and optimising processes.

What’s the webinar about:

By attending this webinar, you will:

👉 Get the buy-in for a tracking/measurement roadmap to be implemented. Learn about my unique framework for making GA4 audits actionable and business-focused.

👉 Become more effective at sharing performance details, gaining insight, and empowering your team. Apply my tried-and-tested techniques for planning your data dashboards.

👉 Help your team make data-driven decisions with GA4. Discover which data-related processes and governance you should develop, and what type of training you should offer.

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