Getting to Know Google Analytics 4 and BigQuery (Online Event)

Join us for the Webinar 18th of January 23:30 GMT

Data can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re running a big business with various applications and websites to manage. What are you supposed to do when the data is too much to handle?

Luckily, Google has presented us with an answer to this question. They’ve called it BigQuery (BQ), and using BigQuery with Google Analytics 4 can really simplify your data-related conundrums.

BQ opens a world of opportunities that will help you to take advantage of all this data. This minimizes the headache and allows you to create more streamlined and effective marketing campaigns.

Getting to Know Google Analytics 4 and BigQuery (Online Event)
Speaker bio:

Phil is an analytics expert, author, and web analyst. He’s also the Analytics Director & Founder of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, CRO and Google Ads agency MeasureMinds Group. Over the past 20+ years, Phil has helped clients improve their analytics and search engine marketing by introducing new tools and disruptive techniques.

Who’s the webinar for:

  • Digital marketers
  • Web analysts
  • Marketing managers
  • Compliance managers

How this will benefit you:

  • Data-driven insights to inform marketing strategy
  • Use of Google Analytics 4 and BigQuery
  • Segmentation and customer engagement
  • Stay ahead with the latest data trends

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