Company Profile is Germany’s main popular online betting website, particularly in sports betting. The Germany-based company is one part of a global operation that covers central Europe, Gibraltar, and Colombia.

The Problem page wanted to improve its conversion rate monitoring and increase its search engine listings. Tipico wanted to ensure that their money was being spent wisely. However, they were operating multiple Google Analytics and Google Adwords accounts. This meant it was impossible to accurately determine a baseline for the number of website visitors who were registering with the system. They were also not able to determine where visitors had come from, and the degree of business success.

The Solution

After KPIs were agreed, we began a three-week process of clean-up work initiatives and consolidating the functionality of the site. We evaluated the use of their Google Analytics accounts and eventually consolidated an incredible 40 different Google Tag Manager accounts into one place. After this, we provided bespoke training in order to present the best ways to approach Google Tag Manager. We also enhanced the site's Google Analytics to indicate how users were using the website. Finally, we provided a final wave of training to ensure that Google Analytics, Adwords and Tag Manager were fully understood and being used to their full extent.

The Results

The work undertaken on the website was completed within three months, in the required time period, completed to the required budget and timelines. By assisting the website to better determine the origins of customers, an estimated 75,000 USD was saved by the company. Additionally, as a result of our work had a baseline of customer access and therefore had a standing that it could improve.

What our Client Says

"We hired MeasureMinds to consolidate our Google Analytics 360 account, fix our attribution issues and enable better goal & funnel tracking. They did a fantastic job and as a bonus, they managed to reduce our GA360 licence fee!" - Tamara Caligari, Marketing and Product Manager, Tipico

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