Use GA4 and Looker Studio: Build Action

You may have heard that Google Data Studio has been given a rebrand. It’s now known as Looker Studio. Google Analytics (GA) has also been given […]
google optimize sunset: everything you need to know

Google Optimize Sunset: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of Google Optimize, you’re probably concerned about Google’s recent announcement. After over 10 years, the tool will be ‘sunsetting’. In other words, […]
Advance GA4 tips & tricks

Advanced Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Tips & Tricks

This is a write-up of Charles Farina’s talk at GA4ward where he shared some advanced GA4 tips & tricks. You can find a link to his […]
GA4 & Google Ads: Pedigree Chums

GA4 & Google Ads: Pedigree Chums

Together, GA4 and Google Ads are invaluable tools. But how can you use them together to power your smart bidding?  This article will be split into […]