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Google Tag Manager consultancy case studies

We've worked on some incredibly complex Google Tag Manager implementations. They often tie in with our Google Analytics and CRO services. Check out our case studies to see how our clients have benefited from our Google Tag Manager services.

National Geographic

See how we 'impressed' National Geographic with a complex, 10 month, GTM and GA implementation.


We implemented a fresh and innovative data strategy, which enabled Principality greater forecasting on changing market trends and the ability to target their prospective and current clients more efficiently and in real-time.

Industry recognised by our partners

We literally wrote the book on Google Tag Manager

Our Google Tag Manager experts are really passionate about the service that they deliver. What better way to show that than writing a book about it?!

Google Tag Manager agency services

Our years of Google Tag Manager experience mean that we can set up complex GTM implementations quickly and via tried and tested processes...

1. KPI Workshop

We will run a KPI workshop with your team to help you identify what data aligns with your digital marketing goals. This allows us to understand what metrics are most important to you.

5. Set up GTM Server-side & other features

We’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to new digital analytics features and compliance. This is why we’ll be able to set up GTM Server-side, Consent Mode and Google Signals to name a few – helping stay compliant and increase the number of tracked conversions.

2. Google Tag Manager audit

After understanding more about your business needs, we’ll audit your GTM setup. We’ll look for bugs, clutter, broken elements, whether it’s compliant and whether it collects the data you want.

6. Google Tag Manager training

Our expert GTM consultants double as GTM trainers too. We’ve written the book on Google Tag Manager, written hundreds of articles and hosted huge events on the topic. Our thought leaders will turn you in-house team into GTM experts in no time.

3. GTM Clean-up and consolidation

After auditing, then comes the dirty work. We’ll go through your entire Google Tag Manager account and make any of the necessary fixes. Leaving you with a clean and efficient GTM account that’s ready for the rest of your implementation.

7. Ad-hoc support and implementation

Our team keeps up-to-date on all the new features of GTM and breakthroughs in digital analytics. We’ll make sure that your GTM implementation is always aligned with the latest regulations and features.

4. Tag mapping – configure tags, triggers & variables

Now we start configuring the tags, triggers and variables that would collect the data vital to your business. We have an extensive template library that allows us to do this quicker than other digital analytics agencies.

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Google Tag Manager consultancy FAQs

Google Tag Manager (GTM), like many other Google products, is free! We strongly believe that you don’t need to break the bank to harness the power of data.

For some features associated with GTM you may need to pay a minimal amount. This is for features like GTM Server-side. You can find more about this in our article about the cost of Google Analytics (it covers Google Tag Manager too).

Google Tag Manager Server-side (GTM SS) is an extension of the standard Google Tag Manager (GTM) platform that allows for the management of tracking tags and marketing pixels on a website through a server-side container.

This means that instead of having the tracking tags and pixels executed on the client-side (i.e. on the user’s browser), they are executed on the server-side, allowing for more control and flexibility in how data is collected and processed.

This can be useful for handling sensitive data, improving data quality and accuracy, and reducing page loading time.

Yes. We have a lot of experience working with Google Tag Manager. In fact, we were working in digital analytics 12 years before its release!

It’s quite common to want to set up custom tracking because then you’re able to find the data that’s important to you. We’ve set up some incredibly complex tracking for some of the world’s largest enterprises and know GTM back to front so we can easily setup a customised implementation for you.

Yes. MeasureMinds provide GA & GTM training and have done so for many years, teaching small businesses to massive enterprises.

We also write articles and put on great events all centred around digital analytics & GTM that are all accessible for free.

There are several benefits to using a Google Tag Manager (GTM) agency:

Expertise: GTM agencies have a team of experts who are certified in GTM and have a deep understanding of how to set it up and use it effectively. They can help you implement the right tags and tracking for your business needs and ensure that your data is accurate and reliable.

Efficiency: An agency can save you time by handling the implementation and management of your GTM setup, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Scalability: As your business grows, an agency can help you scale your GTM setup to handle more complex tracking and data needs.

Proactivity: An agency can help you to understand your data, identify trends and opportunities and provide insights to improve your business.

Cost-effective: Hiring an agency can be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team, especially if you don’t need a full-time team dedicated to GTM.

Access to latest updates and features: GTM agencies are always updated with the latest updates and features of GTM, which can be used to gain a competitive edge.

Audit and troubleshoot: An agency can help you troubleshoot and fix any issues with your GTM setup, and also perform regular audits to ensure that your data is accurate and that your setup is optimized for performance.

You don’t need an in-house developer. Our experts know GTM like the back of their hands and have advanced developer knowledge.

So much so, that we create our own Google Tag Manager apps and tools from the ground up.

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