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Free GTM Clean-up tool

What does it do?

Our free Google Tag Manager Clean-up tool will go through your GTM container and undertake 5 processes to ensure that your account uses best practices. Take a look at the explainer video to find out more!

GTM export table extension

What does it do?

This GTM export tool is quite versatile and has many uses. It adds a button to the GTM interface that allows you to export things out of your container. This could be handy when you want to export something into Google Sheets and use formulas to make bulk edits.

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Free GA4 Migrator

what does it do?

Our excellent free tool will migrate you over to Google Analytics 4 in just a few clicks. It goes through a series of automated processes that have been tried and tested to do this for you. Check the video to find out more.

Slide decks from past webinars

GA4 is an entirely different beast compared to Universal Analytics. Thus it would help if you treated the migration accordingly. In one of the talks at our GA4ward MKII event, Julius Fedorovicius shared his best practices, valuable tips, and common pitfalls to help you navigate the complex process of migrating to GA4. Check it out to take your GA4 skills to the next level! Get the slides here.
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Many Small and Medium-sized businesses have heard about the sunsetting of Google's Universal Analytics (UA), but aside from knowing to install GA4, they are still determining how to leverage it. In one of the talks at our GA4ward MKII event, Glenn Schmelzle showed you how to leverage GA4's potential and export its data to the Google Cloud Platform using BigQuery. Check out how to activate your data and open doors to AI-driven modelling activities! Get the slides here.
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This year will be challenging for PPC marketers who utilize Google Analytics, as they will eventually need to switch to GA4. The process of transitioning might elicit a range of emotions, from initial denial to eventual acceptance.  However, in one of our talks at GA4ward MKII, Sofiia Bychkovska was our event attendees' analytics guide and demonstrated that it's not all negative. Check out how PPC marketers can maximize GA4's measurement capabilities! Get the slides here.
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The UA to GA4 migration is happening whether you like it or not, and you can do nothing about it. What you can do is prepare yourself for the change. Here is a session from John Lovett, who spoke at the GA4ward MKII event about GA4 measurement strategy, migration steps, and a last-minute migration checklist. He also covered how to teach teammates GA4 and discussed important dates and deadlines. Check out how to create a successful GA4 measurement strategy! Get the slides here.
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Do you have too much "data" and insufficient "insights" in your GA4? If you've ever caught yourself with this thought, "We know our numbers. We just don't know what to do with them."  Then check out this session from our GA4ward MKII event, Where Chris Mercer revealed how to align your GA4 strategy with your broader measurement strategy and outlined the tools and stages needed to build, launch, and always keep your framework in mind. Check out this game-changing approach to measuring your marketing success! Get the slides here.
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Want to unlock the power of GA4 for your e-commerce business?  At our GA4ward MKII event, one of the talks was given by Alex Cruz, who shared about the data growth method their top-performing customers used. He also discussed how to integrate GA4 into an overall data strategy and how to avoid lousy analysis. Check out how to unlock the power of GA4 for your e-commerce business! Get the slides here.
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