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Free GTM Clean-up tool

What does it do?

Our free Google Tag Manager Clean-up tool will go through your GTM container and undertake 5 processes to ensure that your account uses best practices. Take a look at the explainer video to find out more!

GTM export table extension

What does it do?

This GTM export tool is quite versatile and has many uses. It adds a button to the GTM interface that allows you to export things out of your container. This could be handy when you want to export something into Google Sheets and use formulas to make bulk edits.

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Free GA4 Migrator

what does it do?

Our excellent free tool will migrate you over to Google Analytics 4 in just a few clicks. It goes through a series of automated processes that have been tried and tested to do this for you. Check the video to find out more.

Slide decks from past webinars

Join Krista Seiden at GA4ward MK4 as she shares her vast experience from her tenure at Google's Marketing Platform. Dive into GA4 insights from an industry titan and elevate your analytics game. Get the slides here.
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Dive into Mary Owusu's SCORE system at GA4ward MK4 and demystify GA4. Harness her unique approach to set up, Correct, Optimize, Report, and Export efficiently. Unlock GA4's secrets and challenge the norms of mastering it. Get the slides here.
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At GA4ward MK4, Naomi Smulders illuminates the art of mining the customer journey using GA4 data in BigQuery. Discover the potential of process mining, understand web tracking challenges, and gain fresh insights that set the stage for strategic experimentation. Get the slides here.
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At GA4ward MK4, Kevin Swelsen addresses the pivotal intersection of GA4 and data privacy in 2023. Amidst Europe's stringent regulations, discover how to leverage GA4's updates while honouring user privacy. Kevin's insights offer a roadmap to a compliant analytics journey. Get the slides here.
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Navigating niche B2B PPC with limited GA4 data? At GA4ward MK4, John Woods shares a decade's worth of insights on optimizing such campaigns. Learn to harness GA4 effectively and make informed decisions even with sparse data. Get the slides here.
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At GA4ward MK4, André Mafei bridges the analytics divide. Discover how GA4, Looker Studio, and BigQuery empower mid-size companies with strategies akin to industry giants like Apple. Embark on a guided journey, rich with resources and tools, into advanced analytics. Get the slides here.
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