Enterprise Analytics: A Data-Driven Guide for Enterprises

Will Rice
First published September 22nd, 2023
Last updated October 31st, 2023
Utilise Enterprise Analytics to drive strategic decisions and gain a competitive edge with Looker Studio's robust capabilities.
Enterprise Analytics: A Data-Driven Guide for Enterprises

In our contemporary data-centric landscape, enterprises are continually in pursuit of innovative approaches to harness the immense potential of data analytics. Their primary goal? To inform strategic decisions and gain a decisive competitive advantage.

One such indispensable enterprise analytics tool that has surged to prominence is Looker Studio—an established and robust analytics platform that seamlessly complements Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the depths of Looker Studio, exploring its advanced capabilities and utilising its potential to revolutionise enterprise analytics across all enterprises.

This is a write-up of André Mafei’s talk that he gave at GA4ward MK4. Here you can find his slides. You can watch his talk on our youtube channel:


What are enterprise analytics platforms and what do they do?

Enterprise analytics platforms are like online tools that help businesses with three main things: figuring out important data, keeping track of it, and understanding it better.

First, they help you clearly define the important numbers and goals in one place. This makes sure that everyone in your company is on the same page about what’s important.

Once you’ve set these goals, these platforms can show you how people use your website. They use things like heat maps and surveys to do this. All the data comes together in one place, which is much better than having it scattered around. This helps your team work together better.

Having all the data in one place also makes it easier to see what it tells you about what your customers want. Instead of looking at complicated spreadsheets, you get easy-to-understand charts and reports that help you see how people use your website.


Why enterprise-level companies use Looker Studio

Looker Studio has been around in the analytics world for a long time, making it a mature and reliable tool. It works really well with GA4, adding important features that help overcome GA4’s limitations.

Now, let’s dive into why Looker Studio is so important for businesses.

1. Views and sharing

Unlike GA4, Looker Studio lets you create personalised views and reports, giving you the freedom to analyse data the way you want. You can easily share these insights with specific people or groups, making it flexible for customised data analysis.

Moreover, Looker Studio can automatically send reports on a schedule, ensuring that decision-makers always have the latest information.

It’s not just about sharing; you can collaborate in real-time, allowing teams to work together on data analysis, brainstorming, and finding actionable insights.


2. Cross-property reporting

Looker Studio stands out by allowing you to share reports across different properties or websites. This flexibility is something GA4 lacks.

Additionally, Looker Studio goes beyond simple sharing; it enables you to create dashboards that combine data from various sources.

This means you can analyse data from different places all in one spot, making decision-making easier. Plus, Looker Studio syncs data in real-time, so you’re always working with the most current information.


3. Public sharing

An important feature of Looker Studio is its ability to share reports online for free. Unlike tools like Tableau and Power BI that require expensive licences, Looker Studio lets organisations share reports widely without added costs.

It also offers security features like password protection and expiration dates for shared reports, so you can control who accesses the data.

You can even embed interactive charts and graphs on websites or in apps to share insights with customers, partners, and others, promoting collaboration and informed decisions.


4. Efficiency in exploration

Looker Studio makes exploring data faster and easier. You can choose from a wide range of data options without needing to set everything up in advance. This speeds up data exploration and gives you high-quality results more quickly.

Looker Studio also uses smart technology to make complex queries run fast, so you don’t have to wait.

It’s not just about speed; Looker Studio also helps by suggesting how to visualise data and which parts of the data are most relevant, making it easier for everyone, even if you’re not a data expert, to find important insights.


Looker studio overview report


How does Looker Studio save time on enterprise analytics?

Looker Studio is a helpful tool for businesses that can save a lot of time and get rid of boring, repetitive tasks.

Many companies often spend too much time going through data in programs like Excel or Google Sheets. This can take a long time, and it’s not very interesting work. Plus, it can lead to mistakes.

Looker Studio changes how businesses deal with data. It connects directly to where the data comes from, like Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and makes it easier to do important tasks within the tool, like sorting, exploring, and showing data.

Here’s how Looker Studio saves time and makes things more efficient:


Automatic Data Updates

One big time-waster is keeping reports up to date when the data changes. Looker Studio fixes this by doing it automatically. People don’t have to spend time and effort doing the same thing over and over again.


Easy Data Analysis

Looker Studio has a simple interface that makes it easier to understand data. This is much better than dealing with complicated data in spreadsheets. With Looker Studio, people can understand data and make decisions faster.


Smooth Data Connections

Looker Studio works well with different data sources, like Google Analytics and BigQuery. This means data flows smoothly from where it comes from to where it’s analysed, without any slowdowns.


No More Manual Work

One of the best things about Looker Studio is that it gets rid of the need to do things manually in spreadsheets. This means people don’t have to spend time typing in data, and they can focus on more important tasks.

By using Looker Studio, businesses can be more efficient with their data. They save time and make fewer mistakes. This helps them stay competitive in a world where data is crucial, and they can make decisions faster and better respond to changes in the market.


Competitive advantage visual of looker studio


How does Looker Studio democratise advanced analytics?

Tackling a big challenge

Many companies grapple with a significant challenge: making advanced data analysis tools usable for all employees.

This might appear quite challenging, as it involves breaking down barriers and making complex tools accessible to a diverse group of people in the organisation.

However, Looker Studio comes to the rescue as a powerful solution that can help companies overcome this obstacle. It simplifies the process of making advanced data analysis tools available to everyone, levelling the playing field for employees at all levels.


Breaking free from a basic routine

Enterprises often find themselves stuck in a routine of using basic tools like Excel for data analysis. These tools may not be sufficient to handle the vast amount of data available today.
Looker Studio offers a way out of this situation. It provides capabilities similar to those used by big tech companies, giving businesses the tools they need to move beyond limitations and elevate their data analysis capabilities to new heights.


Navigating the path to improvement

Enterprises frequently attempt various methods to enhance their data analytics capabilities, but they frequently run into roadblocks that slow their progress.
These obstacles may include issues like data isolation, integration challenges, or difficulties in deriving meaningful insights from data. Looker Studio steps in as a structured solution, offering a well-defined route to overcome these hurdles.

It streamlines the data analysis process, making it more efficient and effective for the entire organisation.


Avoiding costly missteps

Jumping into advanced data analysis without laying a solid foundation can lead to costly errors. These mistakes can result in incorrect conclusions, wasted resources, and missed opportunities.

Looker Studio plays the role of a protector, helping enterprises steer clear of common pitfalls. It ensures that the groundwork is properly laid, so when enterprises embark on their journey into advanced analytics, they do so confidently, knowing they are building on a strong foundation.


Turning dreams into reality

Looker Studio empowers enterprises to break through perceived boundaries.
It enables them to achieve what might have seemed impossible before—an environment where data analysis is central and accessible to everyone, regardless of their role or position within the organisation.

This transformation goes beyond simply using data; it’s about harnessing data to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and gain a competitive edge in the market. In essence, Looker Studio helps enterprises turn their data-driven aspirations into a reality.


Other useful resources for enterprise analytics

While Looker Studio is great for data analysis, making advanced analytics available to everyone in your organisation involves more than just having the tool.

To help you with this, we have some suggestions for valuable resources that are customised for different job roles in your company. This means that all employees, no matter their position, can learn about enterprise analytics.

And the best thing? These resources are very affordable, costing less than £50 in total.

We’ve organised these resources into categories, each designed for specific roles in your company.


For C-Level executives

This collection proffers insights into the strategic implications of advanced analytics and is exemplified by “Rewired” by McKinsey, a roadmap for digital transformation with a relentless focus on value creation.

Accompanying educational videos render this resource readily accessible for busy executives.


For VPs and managers

Middle-level managers and data teams will find solace in “The Enterprise Big Data Lake,” by O’Reilly, a comprehensive guide outlining the evolution from data warehouses to data lakes, inclusive of self-service and access management.

Why Most Data Projects Fail,” by Jesse Anderson, a succinct 30-minute discourse, uncovers common pitfalls that could derail data initiatives.


For individual contributors

This category caters to data analysts, engineers, scientists, and other individual contributors. Here the “A16Z” is useful: a roadmap-style guide outlining the tools and steps necessary for establishing a contemporary data stack.


A16Z roadmap outlining the tools and steps necessary for a data stack.


Additionally, “Fundamentals of Data Engineering,” by O’Reilly, a best-selling publication, embarks on a journey through diverse data tools, offering insights into their pros and cons.


Choosing the right tools

Assess the popularity and demand for data tools through crowd-sourced wisdom, leveraging platforms such as Google Trends, GitHub Star History, and IT Jobs Watch.


Balancing your analytics stack

Strike a harmonious balance in your technology stack by considering the applicability of Lucre Studio, GA4, and BigQuery, catering to distinct roles and emphasising the overarching importance of value creation.

We also offer several other apps and tools, and are available to help guide you towards the best ones for your enterprise’s needs.


In summation

In the ever-evolving landscape of data-driven business, staying competitive means embracing innovative approaches to maximise the potential of data analytics.

Looker Studio’s track record as a trusted and mature analytical platform in the field of enterprise analytics speaks volumes.

Its seamless integration with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) sets it apart, so addressing GA4’s inherent limitations and making it an enticing choice for organisations seeking valuable insights from their data.

With Looker Studio, businesses have a reliable partner to navigate the dynamic world of data analytics and gain a competitive edge in today’s market.


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