Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation focuses on converting visitors into customers, a process that is unique to every business. MeasureMinds Group uses testing-based approaches to improving a page’s conversion rates – using A/B testing to find the best approach for a business.


The purpose of a business website is to convert visitors to customers, so it is essential to understand how your customers proceed through a website – deciding which parts are easier to access, and which parts are harder. Measureminds Group will look for roadblocks and bottlenecks that could make it harder for visitors to become customers, and then will address those barriers.

CRO Services

Content Experiments

We find that the key to getting websites to function in the best way, is to test different versions of pages in order to find the one that works best. We have extensive experience applying these methods to a website, even while it is operating in a current format.

User Testing

A high-functioning website is only successful if it is user-friendly, so we have extensively applied user testing in our daily work. We have used the A/B method to test different versions of the same page, to ensure user testing isn’t impacted by the testing process.

Eye Tracking

MeasureMinds Group uses eye-tracking and heat-mapping software, allowing you to identify where clients are looking on your website. Using the results, we’ll make sure that your clients access your content in the way you want them to.

User Journey

Our work in CRO covers all stages of the customer journey. We look at how customers are attracted to a site, through social media, email campaigns, and free downloads, and how they experience a site and get to purchasing the products. We’ll make this process as streamlined as possible.