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Google Analytics services by MeasureMinds

Our years of Google Analytics experience mean that we can set up complex Google Analytics implementations quickly and via tried and tested processes...

1. KPI Workshop

We will run a KPI workshop with your team to help you identify what data aligns with your digital marketing goals.

5. Sales Funnels

So you’re now tracking conversions, but what journey are users taking to get to that point? Where are people getting stuck? Why? We’ll build sales funnels for you to have an overview of exactly that.

2. Google Analytics auditing

After understanding more about your business needs, we’ll audit your GA setup. We’ll look for bugs, clutter, anything broken, whether it’s compliant and whether it collects the data you want.

6. Looker Studio reporting

Want to visualise certain aspects of your data in a customisable way? Or do you want a report to show key elements of your marketing campaigns to internal stakeholders? Using Looker Studio (previously Data Studio) we can visualise your data any way you want.

3. Google Analytics clean-up and consolidation

After auditing, then comes in the dirty work. We’ll go through your entire Google Analytics account and make any of the necessary fixes. Leaving you with a clean and efficient GA account that’s ready for the rest of your implementation.

7. Google Analytics training

There is a reason we’re called that data empowerment agency. As a Google Analytics agency that has authored books, produced hundreds of articles and hosted world-class events on digital analytics. We believe in passing our skills on to others. We will turn your in-house team into data superheroes.

4. Set-up conversions (previously goals)

Now you have a lean GA account. We can now set up tracking for the data that’s really important to your business – conversion tracking. Tracking where conversions take place on your site allows you to see what is working for your business and what isn’t

8. Ad-hoc support & implementation

Our team doesn’t just stop once we’ve initially set you up. Because we are leaders in the Google Analytics industry, we stay on top of updates and new trends, ensuring that you stay at the top of the game too.

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Google Analytics consultancy case studies

We've worked on some incredibly complex Google Analytics implementations. They often tie in with our Google Tag Manager and CRO services. Check out our case studies to see how our clients have benefited from our Google Analytics services.

National Geographic

See how we 'impressed' National Geographic with a complex, 10 month, GTM and GA implementation.


We implemented a fresh and innovative data strategy, which enabled Principality greater forecasting on changing market trends and the ability to target their prospective and current clients more efficiently and in real-time.

Google Analytics Agency – 3 month road map to better data visibility

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Google Analytics agency FAQs

Google Analytics (GA), like much of Google’s software, is free. There is a paid version available called Google analytics 360 which costs $150,000 a year (roughly £125,000). But this is only recommended for very large enterprises that need additional features.

There are other pieces of software that you may use alongside GA, such as BigQuery or Google Tag Manager Server-side that can incur additional costs too. But these are often minimal. You can learn more about this in our article on the cost of Google Analytics.

It is highly recommended that you migrate to GA4 immediately. You will have to have done this by July 1st, 2023. We have a free application that can migrate you to Google Analytics 4.

If you need help doing this, you can book a free consultation with us to do so.

This depends on the size of your GA implementation. Naturally larger accounts with more complex implementations will take longer.

We have a free tool to calculate how long a full migration would take. We also have a free tool that can give you an express GA4 setup in a few clicks.

As the world of data evolves, very quickly, so must the software that utilises it. Google now realises the world is shifting away from third-party cookies due to issues relating to privacy.

As Universal Analytics relied heavily on the use of third-party cookies, it was about time Google set up a new piece of software that could utilise other means of tracking. So they introduced Google Analytics 4, which doesn’t rely on the use of cookies.

There are also many other benefits to switching to GA4 such as being able to link with BigQuery for free, enhanced funnel analysis and an improved data measurement model. We have an article on the benefits of GA4 that you should check out.

We can provide any type of Google Analytics training and support that you need. We’ve been working with digital analytics for over 20 years and have seen the conception of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads… you name it!

This means that we have the knowledge and the ability to take you from creating your Google Analytics account to implementing complex GA & GTM solutions to track data across the globe. We have a proven track record of doing so.

Furthermore, we stay ahead of the curve with Google releases and product updates. Meaning that you can stay ahead of your competition in terms of modern data tracking.

A huge benefit of Google Analytics 4 is that you can now integrate it with so many more apps and platforms. The ability to now integrate GA4 with BigQuery for free is especially exciting for enterprises or companies dealing with a lot of data.

We have a lot of experience with GA so we know all the best tools and platforms to integrate it with. We also have advanced developer knowledge and can even create custom integrations with particular platforms that would ordinarily be inaccessible.

We also build our own apps and tools!

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