Company Profile

Need we give any introduction? National Geographic is the iconic American cable and satellite television network boasting millions of viewers. A true world leader in adventure, science, photography, environment, history and space exploration.

The Problem

The website was using an in-house Tag Management solution that needed to be migrated to Google Tag Manager. However, there was only a 3-month window to complete this migration and it involved 6 CMSs and 500 tags!

The Solution

The existing GTM setup was cleaned-up and changed from classic Analytics to universal Analytics. Then a phased approach of migrating the pageview, events & then transactions was adopted. An automatic QA system was introduced to monitor the 500 events during the migration and a robust migration process was introduced to minimise human error.

The Results

The project was completed within 3 months and data quality was high enough that it allowed the client to start an A/B testing plan using Google Analytics Goals. An unexpected result of this project was a reduction in JavaScript errors. These were fixed by moving to GTM native JavaScript listeners which are more robust.

What our Client Says

"Google Tag Manager gurus. I worked with them on a complex implementation project for over 10 months and continued to be impressed by their GTM & GA skills. They provide creative solutions and were not shy about making recommendations or improvements that they believed would add value. Their expertise in Analytics and Google Tag Manager definitely make them a great resource to work with." - Deeplaxmi Adke, Director of digital analytics.

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