Company Profile

Principality is a Building Society based in Cardiff, Wales. With assets of £8bn, it is the largest building society in Wales and the sixth largest in the United Kingdom

The Problem

Whilst Principality are the largest building society in Wales, and favoured amongst older generations, this pool is unfortunately shrinking due to its aging population. In addition to this, Principality has been operating predominantly offline and didn't have the resources set up to track their products, customers and media spend.

The Solution

We set-up an automated daily crawl of Principality’s website to extract the product IDs, savings and mortgage rates. The data collected was entered into our bespoke database in order to allow a server-side look-up, which returned the profit-per-product.

In parallel, we set GTM to read the product data from the website and look-up the profit-per-product, saving this information as a cookie. This then allowed us to send the transactional and profit data on the applications’ complete pages.

This is the moment where the financial site started reporting as an e-commerce website – thus born Fin-Com. We mapped pages on the website into the relevant e-commerce stage, predetermining how visitors would traverse from product pages, products in cart, through to the purchase page.

The Results

Over the course of a year: • We increased Principality’s sales conversion rate from 0.40% to 3% (650%) • Took savings applications from 487 to 3914 (704%) • Enhanced non-abandons by 309%

Higher ROI
and more on-site conversions

Making data-driven decisions
in real-time

MeasureMinds has enabled the building society to be more responsive to changing markets and customer needs, which has resulted in higher profit margins. Prior to the digital transformation, Principality could not access this data in real-time.

What our Client Says

"Phil is clearly an expert in his field and his knowledge was obviously second-to-none. It was helpful to look at GTM with an expert."...
..."The Google data studio training greatly improved our business performance reporting." - Sofia Alvadia, Online Marketing Manager.

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