Saved £42k in resource hours by easily rolling out GA filter changes and standardising reporting.

Our data governance improvements made migrating to GA4 easier and enabled them to succeed with new technology such as GA360 and GTM server-side.

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About Rentokil

Rentokil Initial plc (Rentokil) is one of the most successful commercial and residential pest control companies in the world; supporting organisations in food processing, logistics, facilities management and many other business sectors across the globe.



The challenge

Why did our client come to us?

With no account governance or a centralised implementation plan, Rentokil’s GA Account structure had become disjointed, unwieldy and incomplete leading to many human hours & resources being wasted when performing even the smallest of technical changes. Inconsistencies across properties and views also made aggregate and centralised reporting unreliable.

Rentokil hired MeasureMinds to defragment, centralise and purify their data collection in order to create greater visibility of local market performance from a global viewpoint.

What were their pain points?

  • A poorly structured and unreliable analytics estate
  • Poor data governance
  • No account management strategy
  • Lack of time and resources
  • Wanted reports/dashboards allowing single country views, country comparisons and aggregate views of performance metrics, including goals.

Our approach

  1. Standardised and aggregated performance data collection across 84 countries and 5 geographic regions. Consulted with Rentokil to understand their reporting topology and restructure their accounts.
  2. We implemented calculated goals to collect goal data in aggregate, enabling the in-house analysts to edit the Calculated Metric per view to include new goals if needed. This made adding goals and standardising reporting easy and allowed for use with other Google tools such as BigQuery and Google Sheets.
  3. Delivered insights using the analytics maturity model and visualised the benchmark and progress of the development of analytics competence pre and post-implementation.
  4. Built dashboards that enabled a high-level performance health view of all businesses and brands. Our dashboards allowed Rentokil to monitor performance against other products/brands across the business, allocate budgets, and share easily digestible reports with management for senior-level buy-in.
  5. We built different types of dashboards for other purposes and people, such as the cross-country dashboard for the Rentokil brand and the Rentokil UK website report for the UK CEO.

The results

  1. More conversions as goals are tracked more effectively which makes analysing marketing activities better and more profitable as data is reliable and trusted.
  2. Saved £42k in resource hours due to the benefits of being able to rollout GA filters changes singularly across 1000 views and 200 GTM containers in 1 click and other standardisation.
  3. Freed up the senior analyst’s time, so they can run analysis rather than constantly fighting fires.
  4. Move from basic analysis using pageviews & events to a more sophisticated and useful set of metrics
  5. Migration to GA4 was significantly easier and faster
  6. Introduction of new technology such as GA360, GTM server-side and enhanced conversions

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