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Increased organic traffic by 20% during peak submissions and then by a further 20%

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About the University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is a red-brick university located in the south-west of England. As part of the Russell Group, the University of Bristol is committed to maintaining an excellent standard of research and teaching. The University of Bristol had an enrollment of 22,278 as of 2015 and remains one of the top universities in the UK.

The Challenge

Why did our clients come to us?

The university needed reliable digital marketing tracking; prior to increasing marketing budgets. However, they had limited development resources and required a solution that was ready in time for their January deadline.

What were their pain points?

  • Lack of visibility & benchmarking
  • Poor conversion tracking
  • Weren’t allocating adspend correctly
  • Lack of resources and help

Our approach

  1. Standardised the Google Tag Manager setup and activated form application tracking on all course pages.
  2. Real-time tuition fee tracking was added to show international vs EU revenue per session to justify investment in international marketing.
  3. SEO auditing.
  4. Consolidated domains.
  5. Rapidly increased organic traffic by implementing technical on-site SEO and quick wins.

The results

  1. Doubled domain rating from 35/100 to 70/100
  2. Instant 20% boost to traffic.
  3. Clearer visibility on marketing spend.
  4. 20% further increase to organic traffic.

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