SEO dataLayer Entity Wars


  1. A possible Dark Future
  2. Battlefield report: Before vs After
  3. Arming-up
    1. Enabling markup (Cheat sheets & templates)
    2. Shooting range (UI for enabling)
    3. Testing it worked
  4. JSONLD Listeners
  5. A new future

Everyone thought Google was the Bad guy…

2020: Facebook Network introduce a new search engine called Mercury, it used Machine Learning & Facebook`s database to return the perfect answer to any question.

2020: Facebook Network realised that humans need to be abled to ask questions faster so it introduced a cyber enhancement which read human thoughts.The chip advanced human evolution beyond anything we could have imaged, but there was a cost…
The chip had a hidden protocol that allowed humans to be controlled.In 2020 President Trump invoked this protocol and in doing so ended Free will.

Google became an obsolete business model

Realising its mistake, Google sent a machine readable data alternative back in time

I`m here to Arm you with the tools you will need to enable machine readabledataLayer The name of this mark-up is called…

JSON-LD Corners

Audience Question….
Does Anyone know what the LD stands for in JSON-LD?

LD = Likes Die!

What is JSON-LD video

Benefits of JSON-LD

  • Increases organic CTR (Google & Bing)
  • Allows for Action buttons when signed-in
  • Allows you to leverage offsite markup (via LD)
  • Extra organic impressions in card carousal
  • Requirement for AMP pages (e.g News markup)
  • Allows for contentGroups & remarketing
  • Also works in webmail aswell

JSON-LD adoption rate – increasing

Facebook like button adoption – flat growth

Timeline to Entity Day… Ramping up!

ItemAnnouncement Date v3.3 released14-Aug-2017
Google introduces “badges” for image search on Android and mobile result1-Aug-2017
Google introduces “enriched search results”20-Jun-2017
Google introduces job listings enriched search results20-Jun-2017
Google introduces range of author property for Article to include organization24-Apr-2017
Google introduces “Similar items” in images search10-Apr-2017
Google announces that fact Check is available globally7-Apr-2017
Google introduces structured data guidelines for data type”Fact Check”6-Apr-2017
Google merchant Center adds JSON-LD support28-Mar-2017 v3.2 released23-Mar-2017
Google introduces rich results for podcasts22-Mar-2017
Google renames “Science Datasets” data type to “Datasets”23-Feb-2017
Google Structures Data Testing tools adds support for multi-typed entities3-Feb-2017
Google saya”profanity and vulgar language” in reviews are “discouraged”22-Dec-2016
Google saya”profanity and vulgar language” in reviews are “prohibited”15-Dec-2016
Google adds support for the display of product information in image search13-Dec-2016
Google adds support for “buy e-book” links in book knowledge graph cards3-Dec-2016

Schema Markup Generator!

JSON-LD playground

WordPress plugin for JSON-LD


  • Download the plugin direct from the plugin Page at WordPress.
  • Upload the whole plugin floder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  • Go to yhe plugin page and activate the plugin.
  • Check all the setting
  • Hit Update

Heavy lifting in JS using GTM…

Inline MicroData converted to JSONLD for Courses

JS variables converted to JSONLD for Restaurants

GTM JSON-LD ex. source code

Winning the war examples…

Microdata >> JSON-LD convertor

Of if you are really F**king lazy & don’t want to do any work… (automatic method)

Pro Tip… there is a bug in GTM on when using special characters

Testing JSON mark-up worked

Structure Data Validator (Whole site in GWT)

Structure Data Validator (one page at a time)

Monitoring changes in Google SERPs

You can already calculate existing Organic CTR using GA sessions / GWT impressions

Rich Cards monitoring

SEOmoz now report on this for your site vs competitors

Incoming transmission

Facebook like buttons auto-enabled listening for JSON-LD!!

How to disable Facebook autoConfig listner

Whitelist of Entities Types

Homepage only
Organization – Logo, Social and Telephone number


WebSite – Search box

Page specific

Page specific

Products Reviews

LocalBusiness – Restaurant

MusicEvent – location

MusicGroup – ListenAction

NewsArticle (AMP requirement)

Review by Expert Author (GoogleNet whitelist)

LocalBusiness – HealthClub – ReserveAction

TheaterEvent – location

TVEpisode – Play/WatchAction

“Kill” action

Its not just about Websites…


Good for… Global JSON-LD

  • Brand Logo
  • Phone Number
  • Social Profiles
  • Site Search
  • OpeningHours
  • Address

Good for… Page Specific JSON-LD

  • News data
  • Product data
  • Review data
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Music & TV Product data
  • Local restaurants

Ping GoogleBot after making changes

Waiting for GoogleBot to index(or check in SEOmoz)

Future actions…

  • Google JSON-LD Validator- try
  • GTM auto config for JSONLD or WP CMS plugins – install
  • Ping GoogleBot via sitemap.xml – submit

Don’t let… Facebook win in 2020

Support Google`s JSON-LD… now!

Join the Resistance on GooglePlus


Free “USB stick” for Best Question!

Blog Link


Testing Tools

JSON-LD playground & validation tools:

Google mark-up Tester (phone numbers) (email)

Free robot tracking via noscipt + session recording (like clicktale)

  • Create Yandex Account
  • 2.Then go to yanex metrica and create a “counter” account
  • 3.Replace 99999 accountID with your accountID in the variable

Planning JSON implantation Global vs Page specific


  1. Brand Logo
  2. Phone Number
  3. Social Profiles
  1. Site Search
  2. OpeningHours
  3. Address

Page Specific

  1. News data
  2. Product data
  3. Review data
  1. Breadcrumbs
  2. Music & TV Product data
  3. Local restaurants

Implementation Method summary