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Content is where creativity and science meet

Many businesses approach content without the illumination that data can bring. They churn out articles, write product descriptions and build backlinks with some basic keyword research at best.

We are here to shine light on the darkness. To provide a content strategy driven by hard facts, competitor analysis, conversion rate optimisation and best SEO practices.

Our approach to content creation entails three essential steps:

Identify what content is needed

We start by learning about your key performance indicators and target audience. With these in mind, we complete a keyword gap analysis and content audit, identifying which pages to improve and when to create new content, in order to deliver the optimal ROI.

Create a content plan

Next, we identify what type of content will rank best for specific keywords. We plan meta tags, structure, semantic keywords and add internal links that are most likely to convert. Your content calendar will also include plans for content marketing strategies to build backlinks from high authority sites.

Write quality content

This is where our team of experienced content writers unleash their creativity. They deliver engaging content that entices the reader to read more and ultimately turns visitors into customers. Our content team carefully measures performance, including conversions, and troubleshoots any issues.

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How a content strategy agency works


A Content Marketing Institute report found that of businesses who regularly create content, 69% of the most successful ones use a documented content marketing strategy. A mere 16% of the least successful ones do.

Content strategy agencies have years of experience testing different approaches and discovering which are best for each industry. They help identify opportunities, create comprehensive content calendars and troubleshoot any issues.

At MeasureMinds, we start by ensuring we understand your business goals, target audience and core selling points. We then research competitors and match keywords to your priority landing pages. As part of a wider SEO focus, we also look at your site as a whole to identify any quick wins or low-hanging fruit. This forms the basis of our content plan, which defines the specifics of each piece of content to be created.

As part of our content marketing service, we also offer manual link building from relevant, leading publications.

As your content campaign progresses, we review progress, troubleshoot any issues that arise and build on the successes. Every action focuses on improving both conversions and traffic for your priority keywords.

What types of content do you create?

Our content agency creates plans for a diverse range of content and is backed by a team of experienced copywriters. Our writing and content strategy services include:

Product Descriptions

For Ecommerce sites, we write compelling product descriptions that entice your target audience to make purchasing decisions. Each description will be optimised for a different keyword, broadening the number of keywords you rank for.

Blog Posts

The blogs we create form an integral part of digital marketing. They bring relevant visitors at the earlier stages of the sales funnel and convert them into customers. They are also an effective link baiting strategy, receiving more organic links than the average sales page.

Optimising Existing Content

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, so where you have an existing piece of content that isn’t performing well, we will recommend changes to optimise it for search engines and improve the call to actions to increase conversions.

Social Media Campaigns

We create strategic social media campaigns that spark engagement, increase brand awareness, and foster customer loyalty. Content production can include captivating visuals, as well as compelling copy.

Link Building

Google judges your site’s authority and credibility largely on the backlinks going to it. We leverage our contact network and expertise to secure high-quality backlinks from reputable sources to boost your SEO and bring organic traffic to your site.


Sales emails make a huge difference to your conversion rate. Every time you send a “Thank you for your order,” message, it’s an opportunity to impress and increase the likelihood of referrals and repeat business.

Choose MeasureMinds and Create Content That Converts

By implementing a content strategy based on hard facts, you will experience a remarkable surge in traffic and conversions. MeasureMinds have the talent and experience to create your path to success. We will plan and implement a content marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with your objectives and target audience.

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