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How we build links that outrank your competitors

Building your network

As part of our cutting-edge link building strategy, we will identify organic backlink opportunities to skyrocket your traffic and conversions. We will place backlinks in precision-honed content on leading UK and international publications.

Manual outreach

Once we have built a list of high authority, high traffic sites, our team uses software and A/B-tested manual outreach to secure legitimate collaborations. This allows you to reach audiences previously inaccessible to you.

Quality content

One of our leading industry content writers will create guest posts and social shares following a rigorous content plan. Your backlinks will also be inserted into listicles and other articles written by professional journalists and be featured on popular news and niche websites.

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Keyword and network research

Before starting your link building campaign, we will identify which landing pages generate the most conversions and match priority keywords to each. This ensures we improve your search results where it matters and deliver the optimal profitability. We also identify top platforms where we can place your link content. This is through competitor backlink analysis, our existing network of contacts and by reaching out to journalists in your industry.

Network research

To secure backlinks for your site in a natural way, our experts will first use data to understand which websites are in your niche and therefore which are the most relevant to you. Our strategies are targeted and high quality.

Build a collaborative network

We don’t just stop at securing a one-time collaboration, we build long-lasting professional relationships between these websites and your business. This allows you to continue collaborating and building your audience.

Access our network

Through our years of experience in  manual link building in the UK and internationally, we have built an extremely strong collaborative network that we can tap into at any time. As our client, you would have full access to this.

Target keywords that convert

Our link building strategy starts with keyword selection. We target each piece of content to a specific keyword to maximise the benefit and increase referral traffic, ensuring we use the optimal mix of anchor texts and keywords for Google.

Discover your competitors' keywords

Articles linking to you can increase your keyword reach. We identify keywords missing from your site by analysing your competitors and looking for the keyword gap. We craft articles on these subjects, increasing the number of keywords your marketing campaign can target.

Resource pages

People love to link to helpful, in-depth pages. “How to” guides and listicles have been shown to generate the most evergreen organic backlinks and social media shares. We help identify then create content which has the most chance of going viral.

Some of the tools we will use

Manual link building outreach

You may have received badly written emails offering thousands of sites where you can place guest posts. The problem with such lists is 99% of the sites will have zero organic traffic, site errors, or no trust value. Instead of building backlinks from such lists, we offer manual guest blogging and thought leadership contributions in the UK and internationally. We approach high authority sites in your niche. This ensures your links are relevant, reputable and respected.

Genuine outreach

First we build a list of high-quality, relevant target sites. Our team then uses software and A/B-tested outreach methods to secure legitimate collaborations with top publications. This allows you to reach audiences previously inaccessible to you.

Relevant backlinks

Through a sophisticated outreach program, we arrange for links to be placed on highly relevant, industry specific sites. These are high-profile sites in your niche and those linking to your top ranking competitors.

Feature in places your target audience visit

Our team are excellent at negotiating placements in top publications and finding opportunities to be featured in places ordinarily unattainable. These are places where your target audience consumes content and are entering the buying cycle.

High authority sites

To ensure links offer maximum benefit, we use multiple quality criteria – Domain Authority (DA), TrustFlow (TF), organic traffic, recent changes in traffic, quality of content and quality of design. We filter out the majority of sites, leaving you with the best.

Build a strong domain that ranks high

Thanks to our off-site SEO, you will have a stronger domain that ranks higher for your target keywords. This will drive more of the traffic that’s important to you as we take a highly targeted approach in comparison to the standard ‘shotgun’ approach.

Full transparency

At MeasureMinds, we believe in providing full transparency. All content will be sent to you for approval before being published. Each month we will send you a spreadsheet of published links, their quality criteria, and your ranking for pre-agreed keywords.

Some of the tools we will use

Quality content

Over the last decade, Google has rolled out numerous search algorithm updates, such as Panda, RankBrain, and Helpful Content, which prioritize high-quality content. These updates have significant implications not only for your site's content but also make quality link content essential. Our proficient team of native-speaking copywriters is committed to delivering dynamic, engaging, and original content, ensuring the success of your link building campaign.

Off-page content strategy

We carefully plan content to ensure it meets your company’s objectives, as well as the requirements of readers, journalists, and SEO best practices. Each piece of content will reflect your core business ethos and be something you will be proud to put out into the world.

Helpful content to enhance link value

Helpful articles rank higher, have a larger readership and are more likely to be accepted by major publications. This increases their SEO value, boosting your ranking in Google, as well as driving more referral traffic to your site.

Expertly written and edited content

Before submitting content to you, we meticulously edit it. This guarantees that it will resonate with your target audience, while maintaining clarity and coherence. Crafting link content demands a delicate fusion of informative and marketing elements, a task we accomplish with native English-speaking experts.

Link baiting

You can sit back and relax as our expert team creates captivating and shareable content that will entice readers, bloggers, and influencers alike to link back to your website, boosting your search engine rankings and driving organic traffic to your business.

Thought leadership

In addition to short articles, we will research and create thought leadership insights for inclusion in longer journalist-created pieces and as stand-alone articles for your own site. These make excellent link baiting  and link building tools.

Maximise brand visibility with social media

84.4% of the UK population uses social media. This makes it an obligatory tool for any content marketing campaign. We can manage your social media campaigns on multiple platforms, making you stand-out as an expert in your industry.

Some of the tools we will use

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SEO services that perfectly supplement link building

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our expert CRO services mean that once you get to position one, every site visitor is more likely to convert. With a substantial rise in traffic and conversions, your business will experience substantial growth.

Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics services coincide with our link building services. It gives us the data to inform our strategies, conduct thorough research and create excellent reporting for stakeholders.

SEO Services

Link building is only half of the picture. We also offer technical SEO, on-page optimisation and content creation to boost your Google ranking and drive even more traffic to your site.

Sample 3 month road map to rank #1 – On-page SEO and link building

Rank #1

SEO agency FAQs

Link building complements on-page SEO by giving you a presence on the net. Our manual link building service ensures each link is treated as a vote of confidence by Google. Here are some of the ways it helps:

  • Increase your website’s authority, boosting your ranking for a wide-range of keywords.
  • Increase traffic to your site from search engines and referrals.
  • Reduce your reliance on advertising, making it an ideal long-term solution.
  • Engage clients at the early stages of the sales funnel.
  • Build long-lasting relationships with other bloggers, journalists, and webmasters.
  • Establish your brand as experts in your field.

And many, many more.

The cost of link building services can vary widely depending on the provider and the specific services they are offering. Most link building agencies will charge a monthly retainer fee ranging anywhere between £2,000 and hundreds of thousands of pounds depending on the size and scope of the project.

The great part about SEO, including link building, is that investing in it saves money on paid advertising. With paid advertising, if you stop paying for it, your traffic immediately disappears. With link building, you build on previous links, and each month can see an increase in traffic.

Manual link building refers to human-generated content and manual outreach to the top sites, rather than paying for the placement of links on a private blog network. It is a proven link building strategy focused on boosting your Google ranking for both core keywords and across your site as a whole.

Yes, as well links from domains and UK oritentated sites, we can build backlinks for enterprises and charities from a huge variety of international domains.

MeasureMinds offers world-class Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager services and have been world leading experts in digital analytics for 20+ years. So we are more than capable of building reports that measure the success of link building, SEO, or any other marketing channel for that matter.

At the beginning of a project we will outline what KPIs are important to you, then build reports based around that. This is great evidence for internal stakeholders who want to see a solid return on investment.

We will provide data-driven recommendations based on keywords that will drive the maximum traffic, conversions and profits. These will be keywords it should take about 3 months for you to rank at least on the first page for, higher for sites with a strong link profile at the start. If you wish to target different keywords, the choice is yours.

We recommend a natural mix of anchor texts, including keyword-rich phrases, brand names, contextual terms and call-to-action phrases. This can be refined based on your requirements.

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