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What is technical SEO?


Technical SEO ensures Google can crawl, index, and render your pages. It is the backbone of any search engine optimisation strategy and plays a vital role in defining user experience, boosting conversions, and driving traffic to your website.

Google places great importance on a positive user response when determining how to rank sites.

Therefore our SEO agency adopts a threefold approach:

  • Technical SEO audits to identify priority SEO improvements and carefully plan a strategy that delivers the optimal ROI.
  • Conversion rate optimisation to increase sales and maintain your Google position once visitors arrive at your site.
  • SEO services to drive traffic from potential customers searching for your product or service.


Implementing a Goal Oriented SEO Strategy


An SEO strategy is only truly effective when it directly impacts the bottom line. By using data driven techniques, our SEO consultancy services are dedicated to increasing your ROI in as efficient a way as possible.

With two decades of experience, our lead SEO specialist is well-versed in defining and implementing best SEO practices. Our approach combines the ideal blend of manual SEO consultation and automated reports using an array of cutting-edge marketing tools.

SEO specialities

Technical SEO Audits
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • User behaviour
  • Meta tags and h1 titles
  • Page speed analysis
  • Server errors
  • Page structure
Increasing Conversions
  • KPI workshop
  • Identify conversion blockers
  • Google Analytics & GTM
  • Sales funnels
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Improving user-experience
  • A/B testing
Driving Traffic
  • On-page SEO
  • Content strategy
  • Semantic keywords
  • International SEO
  • Website migrations
  • Optimising large sites
  • Link building strategy

Brands we’ve worked with

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How data drives our technical SEO


We start our SEO campaigns with a variety of thorough technical audits. These audits serve as the foundation for our overarching strategy, ensuring every action we take is focused on maximising sales in both the short and long term.


KPI’s for your business


We begin by ensuring we understand your key performance indicators. It is only by understanding the goals and mechanics of your business that we can create a tailored solution for you.


Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager configurations


We check that you are receiving accurate visitor data and configure analytics for a range of conversion goals. This ensures that search engines are crawling and indexing your important landing pages. It also means any other SEO services we implement are based on solid data and are core to improving your site conversions.

Read our Google Analytics case studies.


Keyword research and competitor analysis


We complete a competitor keyword gap analysis to identify keywords you’re missing out on, plus identify your priority keywords in terms of traffic, ease of ranking and value of conversions.

This helps us define your ideal content strategy to generate results. We can either create content and build backlinks based on this strategy or create article briefs and other content templates for your team to implement themselves.


Page Speed and Meta Tags


We also review page speeds, Meta Titles and Descriptions, h1 configurations and server errors. As we do, we look for opportunities for improvements, prioritising those that will give maximum benefit for the least time spent. For example, many CMS systems allow you to enter default Meta Tags for different content types. By tweaking these, it’s often possible to optimise dozens, or even hundreds of pages simultaneously.


User behaviour


Using heat maps, questionnaires, and a range of other tools, we analyse user behaviour. This helps identify where visitors are leaving your site, which content appeals to them the most, and informs our joint decisions on the best strategies for improvement.

Once we have this information, we will recommend changes to site structure, call to action buttons, and more. These marginal gains build up and our conversion rate agency has more than doubled our clients’ conversion rates.

SEO case studies

Our team of SEO experts have improved the traffic and conversions of countless enterprises leading to millions of pounds of additional revenue. See how we've helped the following businesses.


By finding marginal gains, we increased Vistra's conversion rate by 41% in only 4 months, acquiring 146K customers through SEO and PPC.

University of Bristol

We doubled the University of Bristol's domain rating, boosting organic traffic by 20% overnight. Extra SEO increased traffic by a further 20%.

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