Which Consent Management Platform (CMP) are the most compliant based on ConsentModeMonitor.com data?

Phil Pearce
First published April 30th, 2024
Last updated May 16th, 2024
Find out which Consent Management Platform (CMP) is most compliant based on the compliance of their GTM container. Test yours too!
Which Consent Management Platform (CMP) are the most compliant based on ConsentModeMonitor.com data?

You’ve heard about Google Consent Mode V2 and the need to use a Consent Management Platform (CMP) since the introduction of the Digital Markets Act. But which CMP are the most compliant?

At MeasureMinds, we’ve created a tool, Consent Mode Monitor that reviews your Google Tag Manager container and gives it a score based on your data privacy compliance risk. Zero being no risk at all and anything above zero being some degree of danger. The higher the number, the worse.

So we decided to run the Consent Mode Monitor on some of the most well-known Google-certified CMPs to see which is the most compliant regarding their own GTM container.

Consent Mode Monitor scores for the top 16 CMPs

Here is the list:


  1. Didomi – 7 (provider fixed issues so now 0)
  2. Orbee – 6
  3. Cookie First – 4 (provider fixed issues so now 0)
  4. Cookie Consent – 1
  5. Termly – 1


  1. Cookiebot – 0
  2. UserCentrics – 0
  3. Secure Privacy – 0
  4. Iuebenda – 0
  5. Cookie Script – 0
  6. Axept – 0
  7. The Generation – 0
  8. Cookie Eyes – 0
  9. Illow – 0
  10. Pandectas – 0
  11. Cookie Box – 0

Termly, Cookie Consent, Cookie First, Orbee, and Didomi all have some degree of risk when it comes to their own GTM containers. That doesn’t necessarily mean that their software is less effective. It just means they aren’t keeping their own house as clean as the others.

How to check if your website is compliant

Use our Consent Mode Monitor to check if your setup is compliant. It doesn’t change anything about your GTM setup. It just parses it.

  1. Open the link.
  2. Enter your website or the specific GTM container you want to check. It is recommended that you specify which GTM container you want to use.
  3. Select whether you want to check for basic or advanced consent mode.
  4. Click check my website.

How to improve your GTM compliance

Our tool will tell you which tags in your GTM container are not compliant, how many of them there are, and what type of consent is missing. Improve your score by addressing these issues in your GTM container.

Below is a screenshot of Didomi’s compliance score on 30 April 2024. This score snapshot was taken before they fixed the issue, that ConsentModeMonitor.com identified: https://app.consentmodemonitor.com/result/GTM-K3D7XCK

How compliant is Didomi

Which CMP do we recommend using?

We work with Cookiebot and OneTrust mostly and we even have a 20% discount for new or existing Cookiebot accounts.

Want to know more about Consent Mode V2?

We have a great article on what Consent Mode V2 is and how to implement it, which is a write-up of Markus Baersch’s talk at our Privacy4Marketers Conference. You can find out everything you need to know from that article or by purchasing the recordings for the P4M website.

Need help making your website more compliant?

Get in touch with our world-leading Google Tag Manager experts. We will be more than happy to provide support.

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