34 SEO Agency Tools: Expert-Approved Tools for Success

Will Rice
First published October 19th, 2022
Last updated January 2nd, 2024
Find the best SEO agency tools out there with this list of recommendations provided by real experts in the digital marketing industry.
34 SEO Agency Tools: Expert-Approved Tools for Success

If you’re an SEO agency, you probably understand how useful SEO tools can be for different purposes:

  • Keyword research.
  • Competitive intelligence.
  • Measuring performance.
  • Link building.

The list goes on.

But there are a lot of SEO agency tools out there. So choosing the right SEO tool is challenging. Especially as so many of them do the same thing, just slightly differently.

That’s why we have asked SEO experts for their opinions on which tools they use most to help them with their SEO efforts. If they’re good enough for the pros, they’re probably good enough for you!

If you haven’t checked out our list of CRO tools and GTM tools, make sure to do that too. Then you’ll really get a kick start to your digital marketing.



All-round SEO agency tools

1. Authoritas

Authoritas is a superb, high-end, all-round SEO tool designed for enterprises. That being said, smaller businesses can also benefit from its incredibly in-depth range of features.

Authoritas enables you to analyse 7 key areas:

  • Market analysis
  • Keywords
  • Technical
  • Google Search Console
  • Content
  • Link data
  • Author discovery

Each of these areas contains multiple out-of-the-box reports for critical analysis such as rank tracking, keyword exploring, share of search, page experience, link tracking and so much more.


dashboard of authoritas


It’s really one of the most in-depth tools out there and we use it at MeasureMinds. We would say that this tool leans more towards the intermediate to experienced SEO users, but with a great knowledge base – anyone can get the most out of what is one of the most powerful SEO agency tools out there.


2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a hugely popular SEO tool that offers many features. It would almost be a sin not to mention it here. Ahrefs is one of the best all-round SEO agency tools out there.

Audit your website. Analyse other websites. Keyword research. Competitive intelligence. Ahrefs has pretty much every functionality you could want as an SEO professional. I especially like the content explorer which can be a driving force in building a list of websites for link building.

Not only does Ahrefs have an abundance of features, but it has super easy-to-read reports that display important information and metrics without drowning you in noise.

dashboard of Ahrefs


The only problem with Ahrefs is the price. Starting at $99 per month and finishing at $999 puts a lot of people off, or forces them to purchase a groupbuy solution which isn’t ideal.

Bio: Germans Frolovs is a Digital Marketing Manager at SimplerQMS


Germans Frolovs


3. SE Ranking

Hands down, my favourite SEO tool is SE Ranking. As the founder of a top-rated Denver SEO agency and a globally recognized international SEO expert who has tested almost all of the SEO tools out there, SE Ranking is my top pick.

In fact, my team and I now exclusively use this all-inclusive SEO tool to implement powerful SEO strategies for our customers.


dashboard of seranking


This cloud-based digital marketing platform is affordable and a great fit for business owners, SEO freelancers, digital marketing agencies, and large enterprises.

They’ve made some pretty remarkable changes in 2022, and they continue to wow me, year after year. Besides all the functionality that all the other tools have, SE Ranking continues to add new features that allow us to get our customers to the top of Google.

SE Ranking is a critical component of our proprietary Micro-SEO Strategies℠ SEO methodology.

Bio: Chris Raulf is originally from Switzerland and has been doing SEO for 25+ years. He’s the Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing and Chris Raulf International SEO.


Chris Raulf


4. SEMrush

Whether you have a small and mighty team, or a very robust and well-staffed agency full of professionals, anyone working in SEO will need to invest in a workhorse tool that can handle a lot of heavy lifting. SEMrush is that tool.

There has been an emergence of excellent competitors in the last few years, but SEMrush remains my favourite all-purpose SEO tool. It allows me to quickly check SERP fluctuations, review technical site audits and conduct streamlined keyword research. SEMrush is a digital Swiss army knife that can handle almost any task you throw at it.


dashboard of semrush


Another reason I enjoy using SEMrush so much is that they have excellent customer service. Several times I sent them an email and heard back within an hour. I also appreciate that their platform is constantly testing new features and functionality.

They have added several a-la-carte add-ons, but the most helpful is probably their traffic analytics tool. It’s pricey but allows you to very quickly show organic search growth quarter over quarter, year over year, etc.

Bio: Michael Galvan has over 10 years of experience as a digital marketer and has handled local searches for thousands of retail locations. He leads strategy on a new digital brand for a fortune 500 company and is currently leading the search for rapidly growing fintech startups!


Michael Galvan


5. Moz

Moz is an indispensable tool that I’d recommend to any marketer, marketing-savvy business owner, or copywriter.

First, complete Moz’s “SEO Essentials” course to understand how its features can assist your efforts. Gain a ton of SEO knowledge and help identify how to wield this knowledge like a glorious optimisation weapon.

For any SEO, keyword research is an essential process, and Moz’s Keyword Explorer is invaluable in generating real-life searches and associated metrics, helping you to make informed decisions.

This feature is also perfect for collecting audience insights to inform strategy and content.

dashboard of moz


Moz’s On-Page Grader could be the ultimate way to gauge the success of your efforts and help identify if a page floundering in the rankings. Is it lacking optimisation or are other factors at play?

Finally, Moz is a reporting tool enabling you to track your keywords and export client SEO reports.

Bio: Christopher J Fox is a Content and SEO Manager at Leeds-based digital marketing agency, The Marketing Optimist. With specialisms in copywriting and website optimisation, Chris manages client SEO campaigns, copywriting projects, and content strategy agency-wide.


Christopher J Fox


6. ContentKing

SEO folks have so many tools on offer right now, part of the job isn’t knowing the right tool but also knowing how to interpret the results. One of my favourites out of the box is a great tool, but with a small amount of tweaking becomes an absolute powerhouse.

ContentKing has been around for a while, but with a few suggestions from the market is now a powerful all-in-one tool. It allows you to track everything on your website from page performance in Google Search Console to page speed.


dashboard of contentking


The unique thing about ContentKing is that it updates me hourly with problems, and how they are fixed. Oda has integrated the API into our reporting as well, which means I can see in our internal dashboards and ongoing issues that we are working on!

SEO agency tools should improve the efficiency of all teams and this is one tool that makes me far more efficient on a daily basis, making sure everyone has access and it is configured correctly!

Bio: Gerry White has been in the industry for 20+ years, with a focus on technical marketing leading on SEO, analytics and digital growth strategies. He was the SEO Lead for Just Eat, a FTSE 100 company in 12 markets, as well as consulting for other e-commerce brands. Gerry was the SEO Director for Rise at Seven from 2020 to 2021, before returning client side as the Head of SEO at Oda an international supermarket with a head office in Norway.


Gerry White


7. Mangools

My favourite SEO tool is Mangools because it’s the cheapest, best tool on the market for doing complete SEO analysis. With Mangools, you can do keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, SERP analysis and site profiling for less than half the cost of the more expensive SEO tools.

By investing in Mangools, I can get more SEO analysis work done faster without having to log into various different software platforms or have multiple payments to keep up with each month.

dashboard of mangools


Additionally, the Mangools Basic plan offers more than enough value for most bloggers, small businesses and site owners. You can save a substantial amount of money on a powerful SEO tool if you’re only managing between 1-3 websites.

Bio: Stephen Hockman is an entrepreneur and Founder of SEO Chatter. He specialises in search engine optimisation and digital marketing.


Stephen Hockman


8. Dragon Metrics

My favourite SEO tool to use is Dragon Metrics, it’s an all-in-one SEO platform that provides a holistic SEO approach to organic performance, connecting the dots between data to provide actionable reports.

The platform provides multiple tools, which are tied together by the unrivalled report builder allowing users to build truly customisable, clear and powerful reports.


dashboard of dragon metrics


This tool has an excellent depth of features. One of the unique features of Dragon Metrics is the indexation tracking tool which allows users to monitor the indexation status programmatically for valuable URLs.

Two other great features; are the rank-tracking tool and the ability to create dynamic tagging used to tie data across the platform. The second is the URL X-Ray tool which gives a holistic view of a URL, achieved by combining how Google views the URL, the technical SEO analysis, ranking data, internal links, external links, Google Search Console and Google Analytics data all in one place.

Bio: Soraya Easterbrook is the Founder of Didgeheads, a search marketing consultancy with credentials at multinational corporations where she has led organic outreach and link-building operations and marketing in middle eastern markets. She understands the need for a profoundly bespoke strategy depending on local customs and uses this knowledge to drive international SEO strategy.


Soraya Easterbrook


Dedicated crawlers and auditing SEO agency tools

9. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a powerful website crawler that allows you to crawl large (or small) websites and analyse the results in real time. It reports on a lot of data that helps SEOs or website owners improve their organic search performance.

Screaming Frog offers the ability to identify issues with page titles and meta descriptions (duplicated, missing, etc.), as well as check your site for pages with nearly duplicate content. You can also identify broken links, redirect loops and other issues that might affect Google’s ability to index all the content on your site.


dashboard of screamingfrog


It’s also got many integrations with other popular SEO and analytics tools to enhance your reports even further – including Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Google Analytics and PageSpeed Insights.

Bio: Darren McManus is an SEO Specialist from Galway, Ireland, currently Head of SEO at Velocity Growth. He has 7 years of experience working in SEO, developing bespoke roadmaps and implementing long-term (sometimes award-winning) SEO strategies. He has built organic visibility, traffic and conversions for clients across various industries and markets.


Darren McManus


10. SEO Minion

If you analyse webpages (and their SEO) on the internet, I’d recommend a Chrome browser extension called SEO Minion to make your life easier.

For free, it shows you a page’s basic on-page SEO, highlights internal and external links, and tells you if there are any broken links on the page.


dashboard of seo minion

There’s also a nifty multi-location SERP checker that’s useful if you want to see the SERPs in other countries for a specific keyword. You can compare two countries’ SERPs for a particular keyword if you need to. That helps check how a page’s ranking changes based on the country the searcher’s in.

With so much functionality, SEO Minion is hands down my favourite Chrome extension!

Bio: After founding SweetSea Digital in late 2020/early 2021, Seren implements SEO and blog best practices for creative, online entrepreneurs looking to rely less on social media while growing a passive stream of consistent organic traffic. Before, she worked as a Digital Content Marketing Executive at Oxfam Ireland. She holds a MS in Digital Marketing from Trinity College Dublin and a BS from Cornell University.




11. Sitebulb

Sitebulb is one of the most feature-rich SEO auditing tools and is always my first stop when auditing new sites.

Its analysis engine sets Sitebulb apart from other crawlers. It does a far better job than any other tool I have seen in diagnosing potential SEO issues based on the crawled data.


dashboard of sitebulb


Alongside this, they have an unmatched knowledge bank linked to the analysis engine results, making it a superb tool for newer SEOs to learn from.

My favourite features in Sitebulb are the easy comparison of JS and non-JS crawls, which makes finding tricky rendering issues easy to uncover. Also, the “Link Explorer” section, which gives you a break of your internal link equity along with a great overview of anchor text distribution.

Bio: Mark Williams-Cook is the Director at Candour, Founder of AlsoAsked.com and has 17 years of experience working in the digital marketing industry.


Mark Williams-Cook


Keywords research SEO agency tools

12. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is one of my go-to tools for keyword research & SERP analysis. As a browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox, it is super affordable for everyone. Even the free version is quite useful.

When you search a keyword – Keywords Everywhere will give you search volumes, CPC, related keywords, what people also search for, along with long-tail keywords – right there in the SERP.


dashboard of keyword everywhere


This helps understand search intent and helps to generate so many related content ideas.

It also gives other metrics for each result in the SERP such as the MOZ DA and the number of referring domains. This is a great start in giving an overview of the SERP.

It’s somewhat limited if you want to look at search volumes for non-English-speaking regions. However, considering the price and the overall value it brings, it’s a great tool for any SEO.

Bio: Bill is an Irish SEO with a focus on content marketing.




13. LowFruits

LowFruits is an excellent tool for finding low-hanging fruit keywords. You just have to

  • Enter your keyword/topic.
  • Select the most relevant keyword from the generated list.
  • Analyse and identify opportunities. For example, where are other websites with low authority ranking in top positions?

Plus, the tool groups keywords into clusters (keywords that share similar intent based on the SERP results). I then filter the list of keywords by word count, volume, website type and other parameters to allow you to identify the best opportunities.


dashboard of lowfruit

Low-hanging fruit is one of the first things you should look at when starting an SEO project. It can influence a lot of the early work. Therefore it’s great to have a tool like LowFruits in your arsenal.

It’s affordably priced, easy to use and saves hours of research time.

2nd suggestion by: Germans Frolovs


14. Serprobot

Serprobot is a simple, and probably the cheapest, SERP checker tool that allows you to check your website’s visibility on the web.

Simply enter your target keywords and your website’s URL, and the tool will give you a report on where your website ranks for those keywords. The reporting is pretty detailed and includes the latest, best, first keyword position, position change, search volume and CPC data.


dashboard of serprobot


The tool checks keyword rankings daily, allows you to overview keyword positions over time and export keyword ranking data into a CSV file.

This SEO tool fits perfectly into my workflow. Once a month, I check keyword rankings by exporting the latest data and comparing it to historical data to see if there is any progress or regression in organic visibility. It allows me to adjust the SEO efforts to focus on the areas that need more attention.

3rd suggestion by: Germans Frolovs


15. AlsoAsked

Even with Google’s recent ‘helpful content update’, they have been forever emphasising the need to ensure your site meets a standard of quality and that your content is engaging and beneficial to users across your site.

To help with this I recommend a tool called AlsoAsked, which scrapes the SERP to provide you with ‘people also asked’ queries currently visible within the search.

As SEO and content specialists, this allows us to harvest those queries and then enhance and align our content around those phrases to create better FAQ-styled content. This captures organic traffic through longer tail keywords.

results in alsoasked

It provides some free searches, but the basic plan offers good detail if the volume of queries needed is at the lower end of the scale.

Bio: Oliver Yee is an all-around Senior SEO Executive, working at MediaVision for the past two years specialising in fashion ecom.


Oliver Yee


16. Ubersuggest

There are many reasons to recommend Ubersuggest as a tool for SEO:

  1. It’s a great way to come up with new content ideas. By entering in a seed keyword, you can generate many related keywords that can be used as topics for blog posts, infographics, etc.
  2. It provides valuable data, such as search volume, CPC, and competition level, that can be used to help inform your SEO strategy.
  3. It’s a free tool! Many other paid tools provide similar functionality, but UberSuggest is an excellent option if you’re on a budget.
  4. It’s easy to use. UberSuggest has a user-friendly interface, so you don’t need to be an SEO expert to get the most out of it.


dashboard of ubersuggest


Bio: Joe Garrigues is a Media Manager II, SEO at Level Agency


Joe Garrigues


17. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is my all-time favourite keyword research tool. There are 3 billion google searches every day. And almost 20% of them are entirely new queries. So finding new keywords with decent search volume is quite a nifty task. Here is where Answer the Public excels.

So, upon searching for a keyword in this tool, it listens to the autocomplete suggestions from search engines like google, bing etc. and then shows every good question and phrase people are asking around the input keyword. This is really helpful for finding hidden keywords.

One downside of this tool is that it doesn’t show keyword data such as monthly searches, keyword difficulty, CPC value etc. That said, it’s an excellent tool for keyword research and brainstorming new topic ideas. And it’s intuitive visual interface makes it easy to find new keywords to explore.

Bio: Muhammad Usman is a seasoned SEO & Outreach Specialist with extensive experience in helping small to large-scale companies increase their website’s profitability.


Muhammad Usman


Content SEO agency tools

18. Clearscope

Clearscope is a favourite of MeasureMinds and is arguably the most comprehensive content-outlining tools out there. As you may know, creating a proper outline for your content is integral to making good content.

By analysing the SERPs and processing data through Google’s NLP and IBM’s Watson NLP, Clearscope provides you with:

  • All the terms (keywords) that you should include and how frequently to use them.
  • What headers to include (H1, H2, H3 and so on).
  • What questions people are asking and henceforth what you should be answering.
  • Suggested word counts, comprehensiveness and Flesch reading score.

This helps you to create a strong outline for you to then pass onto your editorial team. More guidance = better and more SEO-optimised content.


dashboard of clearscope


You can also upload your existing content and see how you can optimise that too.

Clearscope have recently released a new feature in beta called content inventory. You can upload your webpages and their top 3 associated keywords. Once you have linked Google Search Console, Clearscope will monitor the clicks you receive against the keyword’s cost per click (CPC) data.

This allows you to see how much money you have saved on paid advertising – great for showing ROI on SEO.

Finally, you can perform keyword research using Clearscope with all the data being pulled from Google – a very reliable source.

If you want to create great content, use Clearscope.


19. SurferSEO

SurferSEO is my favourite SEO tool of 2022. I’ve used it to increase traffic by 340% over the last three months.

SurferSEO uses natural language processing to turbocharge core SEO tasks, including keyword research, competitor analysis, and even the content writing process itself.


dashboard of surfer


I use SurferSEO in two main ways.

Firstly, I use it when planning new content, to gain a deeper understanding of search intent and competition around each proposed keyword. It’s also great for creating keyword clusters, so I know which terms to include in each article.

Secondly, I use Surfer to further optimise my existing content and help it outperform the competition. Overall, SurferSEO is an excellent tool for those looking to ramp their content up to the next level.

Bio: Samantha North is a Content Writer and Journalist specialising in SaaS, AI and fintech. She also writes about SEO and building profitable blogs at samanthanorth.com.





20. Frase

I would recommend the content optimisation tool, Frase.

Frase brings all of the different phases of content research into 1 easy workflow, I can create templates for content briefs, and then use automation to fill them super fast with relevant information from the SERP.


dashboard of frase


This includes questions from ‘people also asked’ (PAA), Reddit and Quora, as well as helping me find internal links with the GSC integration.

Bio: Ben has been working in SEO for nearly 4 years, with experience in real estate, ecommerce, and most recently SAAS SEO for Snyk, a leading cybersecurity business, where he handle the creation of SEO content to grow our traffic, and bring us more leads.


Ben Joels


Linkbuilding and outreach SEO agency tools

21. Streak

My new favourite tool helps me with outreaching for backlinks for a new linkable asset. It’s called Streak.

What is it:

It’s an add-on to your Gmail account.


dashboard of streak


I’m able to personalise emails with variants directly from the Gmail interface. I write the core email, set a few variants and get personalised outreach mail.

Why I love it:

  • It’s so easy to use. Install the plugin, upload your contacts, and you’re ready.
  • It’s small business friendly. You’ll get by with the free plan if you send less than 200 emails monthly.

Bio: Corina is a freelance SEO consultant from Zürich. She’s particularly passionate about working at the edge of organic growth and content marketing.




Pagespeed SEO agency tools

22. Compressor.io

One SEO tool that I use every day is not an SEO tool. Not really anyway. Compressor.io is an image compression tool which compresses 20 images per day for free!

As much as SEOs constantly bang on about site speed, images are the one thing developers don’t compress enough.

Most websites use a plugin or app to compress images, but using these tools on-site just adds another plugin that slows the website down potentially impacting Core Web Vitals.

The tool itself is very reliable and other similar tools on the web are simply not as reliable, or as good.

Compress images with Compressor.io before you upload them so you have hundreds of fewer bytes on your website and your users have less to load! Make your users happy and Google happy at the same time.

Bio: Dominic Lill is an SEO Manager at Trafiki Ecommerce Marketing. He started off managing blogs and now specialises in boosting the organic presence of eCommerce brands.


Dominic Lill


23. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is a free tool will scan any website and tell you what’s stopping it from loading as quickly as it should/could. This is a major factor that Google considers when ranking your website.


dashboard of gtmetrix


Bio: Lucy Hurst is a Managing Director at Sherbet Donkey Media.


Lucy Hurst


24. PageSpeed Insights

Speed is key. PageSpeed Insights is a tool that Google itself will use to rank your site within the algorithm. It shows your website speed on mobile and desktop as well.


dashboard of pagespeed insights


Also suggested by Lucy Hurst.


Technical SEO agency tools

25. Classy Schema

I love Schema markup for CTR-driving rich results on Google, but I also use the vast Schema.org vocabulary as a semantic SEO tool. It’s one of the most useful SEO agency tools out there.

With this structured data, we can define all the “things” (or “entities”) on the page, create relationships between them and create a hierarchy of their importance to the page’s content. It gets very messy, very quick.

I inevitability end up with 100s of lines of JSON-LD code to look at and debug. While the Schema.org validator is excellent at flagging code errors and the Google rich results testing tool lets us know if we’re valid for rich results, the Classy Schema visualiser is an incredible tool to see the story we are trying to tell with our Schema.

Often the code is technically valid, but the validator won’t flag missing connections or dead ends in the graph. As well as that, when I see how the nodes all connect, I often see brilliant ways to make connections that wouldn’t have occurred to me without that visualisation.


dashboard of classy schema


Bio: Ian Booth is a Search Engine Optimization Specialist at Wolfgang Digital


Ian Booth


26. View Rendered Source

It is important to see how the browser renders a page, not just what the server sends. View Rendered Source is a lightweight Chrome Extension that shows you how the browser has constructed (rendered) a page’s original HTML into a functioning DOM, including modifications made by JavaScript.

This simple tool is essential for web developers using JS (popular) frameworks like React, Angular, Node or Vue. This is the easiest way to find out how search engines see your pages without rendering them. Although Google says it has no problem with rendering, in practice we see that it does not always go well and it can be useful to make sure important elements are pre-rendered.

Bio: Stefan has been SEO & Content Marketing Manager at SDIM Online Marketing since 2014. With over 15 years of online experience, he has a broad background in website development, online marketing and e-commerce. Stefan also helps organize the #1 search conference for search engine marketers: Friends of Search.




Reporting and analysis SEO agency tools

27. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) helps you to see the rankings for underperforming keywords, pages with high keyword rankings but low CTR, sitemap issues, content types and topics that get the most backlinks, pages that need more internal links, pages that are losing organic traffic, indexing errors and much more.

Next, with the help of GSC, we can analyze our mobile usability, submit sitemaps or find long-tail keywords using regex.

Basically, it tracks your website’s performance, shows you what problems it might have, and presents solutions to make things better. Google Search Console is ideal for SEO professionals, marketers and developers looking to improve website performance and conversions.

Best of all it is free and all of the data is from Google itself – therefore it’s the most reliable data!

Bio: Lucía Urpianello is an SEO Consultant at iProspect (Dentsu company), a leading digital performance marketing agency that provides consultation to global clients. Post-graduate in SEO and Digital Analytics.


Lucía Urpianello


28. Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is incredibly easy to use, tracks all sorts of metrics for your customers, will put together a report for your customers which shows you’ve put the work in and is also great from a sales point of view.


dashboard of agency analytics


So many people have been stung by people who promise to deliver results on SEO and then do nothing. With this, we can show that we’re already doing what’s required for our existing customers.

Also suggested by Lucy Hurst.


29. Nightwatch.io

Nightwatch’s Rank Tracker is an excellent SEO tool, offering robust and dependable features for businesses to monitor their search engine rankings and optimise website performance accurately. One of its standout features is the highly accurate rank tracking, which allows users to access any Google data centre worldwide, providing granular insight and minimal anomalies in the data.

Features of Nightwatch

  • Comprehensive rank tracking: Track search engine rankings across Google, Bing, YouTube, DuckDuckGo, and Google Map Pack.
  • Global data centre access: Access to any Google data centre worldwide for granular ranking accuracy.
  • Advanced segment analysis: Create custom segments to identify decaying content and monitor specific keyword groups.
  • Automated reporting: Features a drag-and-drop report editor integrated with Google Analytics and Search Console.
  • Site auditor: Quickly identifies site issues such as broken pages and missing tags.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy to navigate, suitable for all skill levels.
  • API access: Provides flexibility and integration options for advanced users.

Alternative SEO tools

  • SEMRush
  • SE Ranking
  • Ahrefs

Nightwatch pricing

Pricing starts at 32$ /month (250 keywords)


nightwatch pricing


30. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a highly recommended competitive research tool. It estimates the total amount of traffic your competitors get and provides data about your competitors’ top traffic referring sources including social traffic, keyword analysis, bounce rate and many more metrics.

SimilarWeb can be used by various companies including e-commerce sites, to reinforce their reach and traffic to achieve their desired business objective.


dashboard of similarweb


Here are my top 2 features from SimilarWeb to uplift your SEO journey.

  1. Traffic Sources breaks down the share of traffic a site gets from different channels. This feature helps you choose which channel to double your efforts for and determine the best content marketing strategy.
  2. Referral Sites is a star feature which shows your competitor’s top 5 referring sites along with the share of traffic they receive from each. This is a great way to prospect for authoritative link building opportunities.

Bio: Shahana Doolull is a full-time SEO Executive, part-time Digital Creator, and casual certified Mental Health First Aider. I have been in the advertising industry for 2.5 years and have worked with leading Australian and global brands across multiple sectors such as finance, telco and F&B.


Shahana Doolull


Social Media SEO agency tools

31. Sparktoro

Despite all the digital avenues we have today, finding your target market at the right price and spending your ad budget correctly gets more challenging each year.

Sparktoro lets you take a deep dive, into data across 12 social networks, finding sentiment data that keyword research and ad tech won’t give you.

This allows you to build out content strategies and content funnels that speak not only to your customers but their preferences and the frame of mind they are in at the time.


dashboard of sparktoro

You can also find established micro audiences, review what they’re doing and what resonates with people, taking the learnings from other sites, podcasts and YouTubers and combining it into a robust SEO strategy.

Data from Google and Ad tech might be helpful, but if you’re not adding other sources, you’re missing the bigger picture.

Bio: Ché Köhler is a Co-Founder at Nichemarket.


Ché Köhler


32. Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is a great little tool for maximising the reach of your content via social media.

It’s a mutual content sharing platform whereby you earn credits by sharing other people’s content on your socials and you can spend credits so that they share yours. You have the option to purchase credits too, but we never found the need as long as you return the favour enough and play ball.

dashboard of viralcontentbee


This is great for maximising the reach of your content, building relationships for potential link building and even getting natural links. Really! That’s happened for us quite a lot just using this free tool!


Other types of SEO tools

33. Excel

I think the essential tool in SEO is Excel. Let me explain why.

The keyword tools become handy when the user has already established keyword variants, which they want to explore more in-depth. Yet, many people forget the underlying strategy and are too focused on individual keywords.


dashboard of excel


Every SEO professional should create content for the reader, keeping in mind: what is said, how it is displayed and why.

Excel sheets help me categorise, analyse and document topics and strategically develop thematic clusters, so I’m always in control of the big picture.

SEO specialists need to think:

  1. How the new content can connect with existing content clusters.
  2. Whether the content has a purpose on its own.

Planning helps to steer the ship and keep the goal in mind. Excel is a great place to do this. Using Google Sheets (Google’s version of Excel) is free!

Bio: Mariia Kukkakorpi is a Communications Manager who uses her knowledge of fiction and social sciences to create engaging content.


Mariia Kukkakorpi


34. ManageWP

It’s very easy to manage a small network that only consists of a couple of websites. But having over 100 sites makes it more complicated to monitor SEO.

The best solution to automate this process – ManageWP tool.


dashboard of manageWP


Thanks to ManageWP and its simple intuitive interface you will get an ALL-IN-ONE dashboard: administration of the website network, manual and automatic backups, restoring, passwords vault, safe updates, cloning and migration, uptime monitor and more.

Furthermore, it’s possible to connect Google Analytics, enabling you to measure performance, create reports for your clients and much, much more.

Bio: Karolina Dubrovka is an SEO Manager with 8 years of experience in betting, gambling and finance


Karolina Dubrovka



We’ve gathered information from industry leaders, managing directors,  agencies, and seasoned professionals so you can learn about their favourite tools and why they use them. We hope this article helped you find the SEO agency tool of your dreams.

We would like to thank all the experts who contributed to this article.

But if you think we missed anything, then please let us know! We might be able to get you featured!

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